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Obasanjo berated by the Northern groups


The former president of Nigeria,president Olusegun obansanjo was berated by the coalition of Northern groups yesterday for penning another letter to President Muhammadu Buhari on the spate of killings in the land and other challenges staring the nation in the face.

The gatherings in a protracted mail sent to Vanguard the previous evening and marked by their representative, Abdul-Azeez Suleiman, said Obasanjo had offered no answer for the age-long ranchers/herders strife that his organization left hanging.

The alliance likewise hammered the previous president for arranging recommending the meeting of an exchange by elderly people men instead of more youthful Nigerians in an offer to locate an enduring answer for the issues.

The alliance stated: “The Coalition of Northern Groups has deliberately perused the most recent letter by previous president Olusegun Obasanjo to Muhammadu Buhari, the present Nigerian president, discharged on Monday, July 15, 2019.

We therefore express that we share the worries communicated in a statesmanlike way by the previous President, particularly with respect to the exasperating security circumstance and the appearing non-existance of government or clear loss of control by the President.

We recognize in Chief Obasanjo’s letter, a U-abandon his prior disruptive and fiery angle which has sadly been coordinated by some regionalists against specific segments of the nation, remarkably the North.

The endeavor by Obasanjo to recover his statesmanship by taking a generally adjusted position on a security pass that compromises the very presence of the nation this time around, however an idea in retrospect, by the by serves to reinforce CNG’S determined revocation of the attack of one ethnic and religious gathering or the other for reasons unknown or defense.

Notwithstanding, regardless of its placating tone the new letter by Obasanjo has in some regard missed the mark concerning telling the country how the decade-old herders/ranchers contradiction that were customarily taken care of at network levels was this time around controlled into raising to the current fatal extent; and those in charge of its acceleration.

We all things considered see in Obasanjo’s letter a battle to escape from the troublesome way he made which some religious bodies, for example, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), abuse in a bigger number of ways than one, to helper the weakening of the circumstance by making a type of Islamophobia with the bogus story of an arranged Islamisation of the nation.

We likewise find in it a fabulous takeoff from the underhanded way some southern pioneers are purposely misshaping the stories around the ongoing criminal assault on Mrs Fasoranti and endeavoring to accuse the Fulani.

We are along these lines in fractional concurrence with Obasanjo that the country needs to sit and hold certified talks and discourse in the event that we are to proceed as one nation. What we are anyway not happy with is the typical fringe way to deal with such exchanges that have from the start neglected to address the main problems in question.

In the event that after around six many years of Independent presence, regardless we have not accomplished genuine nationhood dependent on shared trust and aggregate energy, the intense and fundamental advance to take ought to be an impartial survey and renegotiation of the security through a submission.

We similarly vary on the classifications of partners to be reached for such discourse recommended by Obasanjo. We present that in opposition to Obasanjo’s recommendations, every one of those legitimately or remotely in charge of this circumstance, from whichever locale, ought not be permitted to take an interest in any discussions that we expectation would eventually prompt a quiet submission.

We demand that 85 percent of the piece of those to take an interest in the proposed exchange in the event that it would in the long run hold, ought to be comprised of those in the age section of 50 and beneath with the rest of the 15 percent originating from more seasoned ages.

This is on the grounds that while the expressed age section speaks to the genuine age of Nigerians that truly feel the agony of the circumstance and are in the best position to graph a superior course for the nation wherein they have such a great amount in question, the more established ages are comprised of for the most part the individuals who profited more from Nigeria and are in charge of its current different stresses.

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