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Federal Government blames labour for delay in implementation of minimum wage


The Federal Government has credited deferral in the execution of the “Significant Adjustment” of the N30, 000 new the lowest pay permitted by law to the ridiculous requests of trade guilds.

This is made known today in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria(NAN) in Abuja on Monday by the Chairman,National Salaries,Income and Wages Commission(NSIWC),Chief Richard Egbule.

Egbule clarified that the present interest of the worker’s organizations would raise the all out pay bill excessively high and that was the reason government couldn’t acknowledge their proposed compensation modifications.
“Work is requesting significant modification and government in its insight had made budgetary arrangement for a change of N10, 000 crosswise over board for those previously procuring above N30, 000 every month. “
Be that as it may, the Unions have rejected this offer, saying that on the grounds that the expansion in the lowest pay permitted by law from 18,000 to N30, 000 was 66 percent, consequently they need 66 percent augmentation crosswise over board.

We revealed to them that the lowest pay permitted by law was not raised from N18, 000 to N30, 000 through rate increment however because of thought of financial variables including capacity to pay.

In any case, we said that in the event that they need weighty changes in rate terms, we will utilize a rate that when connected won’t surpass what has been accommodated in the financial limit. N30, 000 Minimum Wage: Okowa repeats pledge to payment(Opens in another program tab).

The calculation dependent on rate which government had given to work, was 9.5 percent from level 7 to 14 including level 1-6 of those pay structures that did not profit by the lowest pay permitted by law.And afterward five percent from level 15 to 17.

Work countered the offer and proposed 30 percent expansion for level 7 to 14 and 25 percent for level 15 to 17.

One point we continue rehashing is, it will be unjustifiable that since you gave the individual acquiring the lowest pay permitted by law N12, 000, you give a level 17 official nearly N100, 000 on the off chance that you apply 25 percent,” he said.

Egbule said that at the last gathering between the Federal Government and the worker’s guilds, the legislature proposed a 10 percent addition for level seven to 14 and a 5.5 percent expansion for level 15 to 17.

He prompted work to go to a trade off in light of the fact that administration had so far been generous in consenting to build pay rates with no danger of scaling back.

Work is right now extending and gobbling up the time that individuals could have utilized in profiting by the modification in light of the fact that the new the lowest pay permitted by law was actualized since April.

My recommendation is for work to acknowledge the terms for the time being and get ready to battle for the harmonization of pay rates that is coming up. Harmonization of pay rates will deal with this issue.

The panel has just been framed and anticipating initiation. I need them (work) to know this and free us from this superfluous log jam,” he said. Egbule emphasized the commission’s responsibility to offering sound guidance to the legislature on the segment of national salary that ought to be dedicated to the installment of pay rates and wages.(NAN)

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