Kaduna: Police officer caught “Charging” civilian wrongfully!


A Facebook user has aired the “Police extortion” he witnessed some days ago in Kaduna.

He wrote “Today being 30th May, 2018, I was going along Kano road by Ahmadu Bello way and I came across an argument between some police officials and a civilian. I asked the civilian what is the matter and he said “he parked by the road side to pick up his calculator and when he got to his car he met the lady in police uniform loosening the plate number of the car and he tried explaining things to them.

Officer loosening the plate
Officer loosening the plate

“This is not their first time if doing this things”.

“The incident that happened along Kano road in kaduna is very bad. After removing the plate number they went ahead to collect bribe from the civilian in his car which is bad to the force”.

Fixing the plate
Fixing the plate

“What I think the police officer should have done was to instruct the civilian to park the car properly or to move his car”.



Adesina Ebenezer A

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